LED DREAM has signed an agreement as an exclusive and official Distributor of the company TIEGE Technology Co, .Ltd for Spain and Andorra. In this way, it reinforces its portfolio of innovative and high quality technological solutions for the national and international AV market. TIEGE Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-end display technology, automatic system integration and visual and invisible solutions. He currently holds 4 invention patents, 10 utility model patents and 2 US and US patents. UU, committed to the research and development of new types of LED screens.
With this alliance LED DREAM strengthens its catalog of solutions and bets, once again, for constant innovation.


The main advantage of our LED transparent screen is its transparency, light weight, thinness, high permeation ratio and its ease of installation. It can adhere to glass, walls and / or metal profiles. It also allows customizing both in measures and in different ways to adapt to each space.

1. Super Slim and Super Light

Thickness: 1-3 mm
Weight: 1- 3.5 kg / m²

2. High transparency

The greatest transparency, can reach 86%, without blocking the daily light.

3. Invisible aspect

The light emitting chip uses the micron grade light source, protected by a transparent waterproof membrane, resistant to high temperatures and antistatic. The LED lights and the IC of the unit are invisible from the appearance.

4. No size limit

According to the size of the glass, it can be cut to the required length.

5. Resistance to collisions and breaks

By adopting FPC as a circuit board, the interior components can prevent them from breaking into pieces.

6. Flexible

Flexible and can fit in any curved glass and wall

7. Easy installation

By adhesion of the module or clamping in aluminum profiles

8.Strong heat dissipation

The heat of photoelectric conversion can be distributed instantly. Reduce the failure rate, maintenance cost and extend the service life

9. Wider view

The viewing angle is 160-170 degrees. There is no blind spot and unbiased color when we are looking. The images are always perfect.

10. Competitive TCO

It does not need steel structure, it does not need to change the appearance of the building, effectively reducing transportation and installation costs