Last update: 14/02/2012

These General Conditions regulate the use of Led Dream S.L.’s website, which is accessed by (typing) URL.

The existence of the present General Conditions of Use doesn’t exclude the presence of other dispositions or conditions of access to the different sections that form Led Dream S.L.’s website.


Users must read the present General Conditions of Use of this website.

The use of LED DREAM’s website implies the knowledge and full acceptance of the legal notices and conditions prevailing every time the user accesses to it and that are specified right after.

Likewise, the use of certain services at the disposal of the users of this official site can be submitted to special conditions, notices and instructions that should also be consulted and openly accepted by them.


In compliance with the provisions in Law 34/2002, 11th July, from Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, it is reported that the website has been created, is managed and is property of Led Dream S.L., created by Law 29779, 30th October (B.O.E 31st October 1979) and whose address, to which the users can access, is:

LED DREAM S.L., B-64866791, Albert Einstein Street 48; 08223; Terrassa, Barcelona (SPAIN). Phone: 937364203; Fax: 937364192.


Free access: The use of LED DREAM’s official site is free of charge. However, the hiring of some of the services offered in this website can be, at present or in the future, conditioned by the payment of a price, in which case it will be pointed out properly.

User register: Generally, the access and use of this website does not demand the previous inscription or registration of the users. However, as an exception, the access to certain services is subject to the registration of the user or customer in LED DREAM’s database. In these cases, personal data provided to LEDDREAM as a consequence of the use of the website will be object of treatment on its behalf, in the terms and conditions specified in clause number 7 of the present General Conditions of Use.

Access and use restrictions: The use of LED DREAM’s official site: must arise from the content of these General Conditions, and from whichever applicable legal dispositions. LEDDREAM reserves the unilateral right to deny the access to this website to those users who violate the present General Conditions of Use.


Industrial property: The name "LED DREAM”, as well as other distinctive signs (graphic or word) that appear in this website, are the exclusive property of LED DREAM S.L., who have them properly registered. Its ownership gives to it, in accordance with Article 34 of Spanish Law 17/2001, 17th December, of Brands, as well as other national legislations that could be applicable, the exclusive right to use the foresaid distinctive signs in the course of trade. Therefore, its use is prohibited by third parties that lack authorization.

The eventual presence in this site of distinctive signs of external ownership to the one described in the previous paragraph is executed with non-commercial purposes and with the authorization of their legitimate owners, always with proper respect to their exclusive rights.

Domain names: The same way than the aforementioned in the previous section, the domain name and all the ones which can be used to access directly to this official site are exclusively owned by LED DREAM S.L.. Their inadequate use in the course of trade would mean an infraction of the rights conferred by their record and will be pursued by the means foretold by the Law.


The contents, texts, photographs, designs, logotypes, images, sounds, videos, animations, recordings, computer programs, source codes and, in general, any intellectual creation existing in this official site, as well as the site itself as a whole as multimedia artistic work are protected as copyright by the legislation in matters of intellectual property.

Exceptions of this protection are those files or computer programs not ownership of LED DREAM and freeware that the user can download from some parts of this web with the purpose of making possible the access to them. These are applications that have a public domain nature for their author’s expressed will.

The user is expressly authorized by LEAD DREAM to visualize, print, copy or store, anyhow, in his hard drive or another hardware, the protected intellectual creations and any other content or asset? Secured or not by an exclusivity right, provided that it is carried out for personal or private aims of the user, without commercial or distributional purposes and without modifying, changing or decompiling the rights and contents aforesaid. This faculty of personal use is considered on condition that the warnings on copyright and industrial property here made are kept intact and if it does not imply any license concession for the user.

Any other use will require the express and written authorization of LED DREAM.

Reserve for own shares: The user of this website commits to respect the stated rights and avoid any action that could damage them.

In line with the aforesaid, non-authorised use of industrial and intellectual property rights owned by LED DREAM S.L. and related to or contained in this website, as well as any infringement of the pacific possession and ownership of the aforesaid rights will be pursued by the means foretold by both Spanish and international legislation. In that sense, LED DREAM S.L. leaves made expressed reservation of those actions, both civil and penal, which protect its legitimate rights of intellectual and industrial property.


In LED DREAM’s website the user will be able to find some links that will led him to independent websites. Their only aim is to facilitate the access to other sources of information on the Internet related to LED DREAM and their insertion to this website is inspired by the respect to the intellectual property rights that, in their case, could belong to their authors.

Likewise, the establishment of links to LED DREAM S.L.’s website must respect the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property owned by LED DREAM S.L. described in this General Conditions.


Mistakes: published documents could include technical inconsistences or involuntary typographical mistakes, for which LED DREAM does not take responsibility, but it commits to correct them as soon as possible from the moment it has knowledge of them.

Hiperlinks: the links, with or without advertising content, existent in this website allow the user to leave LED DREAM’s website. Linked sites are not related, except when indicated, to LED DREAM, who does not take responsibility neither for the contents which are accessed to according to the aforementioned links, nor for the modifications that are carried out on them, nor the use of them, nor their technical availability. In any case, LED DREAM commits to do everything it can to avoid the existence in its website of links to sites of illegal content, that promote illicit activities and, in general, susceptible to infringe upon liberty and human dignity principles or that violate the values and rights under the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Additionally, in case you learn about the existence of the foresaid links to sites with illegal content, LED DREAM summits to act with diligence to delete them immediately.

Modification of contents: the information, the presentation and the services that this site offers can be subject to periodic and punctual changes, susceptible to be freely executed by LED DREAM without being forced to communicate it to the users.


LED DREAM S.L. informs the users of this website that it will be able to create an automated file with the personal data provided as a consequence of the use of the present website and in strict compliance with the stated in the legislation concerning data protection.

Users guarantee the veracity and authenticity of the information and data that they communicate in virtue of the use of this website. In that sense, it will be compulsory for the users to keep updated the information and data so that they always match reality. Any false or inexact manifestation that takes place as a consequence of expressed information and data as well as those damages that this information could cause will be the users’ responsibility.

In compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/99, 13th December, of personal data protection, it is informed that personal data will be compiled and filed in a data filing whose person responsible is LED DREAM S.L.’s management.

Users will be able to exercise, at any time, access rights, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their compiled and filed data. The exercise of these rights must be made through written communication directed to LED DREAM S.L. The exercise of these rights will not affect in any way the access to this website or, where appropriate, the subscriber condition of the user or customer.

Registered data can be used to formulate statistics, gather scientific information, make incidents management or conduct market research, as well as for those for which data have been gathered.

Where appropriate, personal data provided by the users can be communicated to a third party only to fulfil the aims mentioned previously, in accordance to articles 11 and 21 of the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 about Personal Data Protection, demanding when appropriate the consent of the interested ones.

When personal data is provided to LED DREAM S.L., users thoroughly and openly accept their use on the part of LED DREAM S.L.

LED DREAM commits to comply with the obligation of keeping secret regarding personal data subject of treatment and declares its intention to apply the technical and organizational measures necessary to guarantee the safety of personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, treatment or non-authorised access, in view of the state of technology, the nature of stored data and the risks to which they are exposed, whether they come from human action or physical or natural action.

The infringement of the present Conditions of Use concerning Personal Data Protection and, in general, of the Spanish Organic Law 5/1999, of Personal Data Protection, and the Royal Decree 1720/2007, by which the Regulations of development of the aforementioned Organic Law are approved, will lead to the presentation of the corresponding complaint before the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, as well as the inception of the corresponding procedures if the person responsible for the infraction works for LED DREAM.


Even though, at first, the duration of this site is indefinite, LED DREAM reserves the right to cancel or terminate the provision of some or every service, without this decision having to be communicated to its users.


The present General Conditions of Use are subject to Spanish Laws.

Any controversy in relation to LED DREAM’s website will be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, being the parts subject to Court and Tribunals of Terrassa city, and their hierarchical superiors, expressly renouncing their jurisdiction if they had them and they were different to the ones described.