In LedDream you will find all the video technology range with LED products: indoor and outdoor LED screens, rigid and flexible LED curtains and LED floors, as well as all their applications, especially for Digital Signage.

It is important to understand that when a customer purchases a LED screen he is buying a visual equipment which will be exposed to very unfavourable working conditions: many daily and continuous operating hours and unfavourable environments or weather (storms, snowfalls and strong winds, high and low temperatures, as well as sudden changes in temperature in a few hours, little ventilated indoor spaces, humidity, solar incidence which damages the material prematurely, etc.). Therefore, when a LED screen is purchased, the quality is very important. The price must be competitive, but beyond budget, value quality assurance of the product and the company which you purchase it from, if they have at their disposal the engineering to act as consultant to a good use and installation, existence of a technical service of maintenance and repair, as well as an after-sales quality service.

In our showroom, we have an exhibition of an extensive range of our LED products so that our customers can see and “touch” their LED screen.

  • Foto Pantalla LED Interior
  • Foto Pantalla LED Interior
  • Foto Pantalla LED Interior


Indoor Series is all the range of LED DREAM’s indoor LED screens: rental models and fixed installation.

It has an incredible image quality thanks to its high resolution, high refreshment rate and contrast, and a unique colour depth.

Its exquisite modular design, with ultra-reduced weight and thickness, and the absence of fans (avoiding noise) in many models of the Series, turn it into a visual product ideal for spaces where it can be generated a great impact in branding, advertising and sales, such as shopping centres, retail shops on the inside or window displays, airports, minimalist spaces, discotheques, etc.

  • Easy installation
    Fácil Instalación

    Its modular design and its reduced weight (thanks to a manufacture by aluminium or ABS plastic and to an ultra-thin design) facilitate the installation, turning it into a quick and easy task, even for a single person.

  • Ultra-light Design
    Diseño Ultra Ligero

    Its weight is really light: 6.5Kg per panel (depending on the model). Easy load for a single person, facilitating the installation and handling of the LED panels.

  • Ultra-thin Design
    Diseño Ultra Fino

    UND (Ultra Narrow Design): todos los componentes integrados en un tile de dimensiones muy reducidas lo convierten en un producto de diseño exclusivo y de fácil manipulación por una sola persona.

  • Noise-free
    Sin Ventiladores

    The series has LED panels designed with an extraordinary dissipation system (H-Cooling); it allows avoiding integrating fans as well as eliminating annoying noises and reducing the consumption of all of the system, keeping a high operating stability.

  • Maximum Angle of Vision
    Gran Ángulo de Visión

    The colour temperature of the image shown is super consistent even in an angle of view over 150º, allowing that your LED screen had a wider angle of view for the audience.

  • Adjustable and Automatic Brightness
    Alto Brillo Ajustable y Automático

    The brightness is adjustable according to the ambient light of the space or place, assuring a comfortable vision, maximum image quality and a high energy saving.

  • Uniform Brightness
    Brillo Uniforme

    Each LED or chip is manufactured under a strict quality control, guaranteeing a uniform brightness, and allowing a brightness and colour adjustment to show perfect images.

  • Image Processing
    Alta Freciencia de Refresco

    High refreshment rate and high depth in grayscale which assure a greater image quality, fulfilling the greatest requirements in image quality for commercial applications.

  • Easy Maintenance
    Fácil Mantenimiento

    Developed under the concept of Easy Maintenance, adopting a modular and redundant system. Easy and simple maintenance and modules substitution in the event of incidents.

  • Energy Saving
    Bajo Consumo

    The series promotes all LED advantages, specially its low consumption. Green technology for a more sustainable future.